Hot dog cart rentals in Arizona.

AZHotdog of Phoenix vending cart.There are just a few places in Arizona that will rent you a hot dog cart on a daily basis. The cost is astronomical. $700 per day is what they want to charge you.

There are a few caveats to renting a hot dog cart in Phoenix. To sell or even give away food to the public, you need an accredited food handler. Also, you aren't covered by our insurance and you assume all liability for the cart, for any damage, loss or theft and it's safe operation. For these reason, we mostly rent carts out to other caterers or sometimes as literal show pieces for display and photo shoots. However we have rented them for use at private parties and events.

Rates for Phoenix hot dog cart rental.

  • Basic weekday rate is $150, you pick it up, you drop it off.
  • The carts come ready with propane, heating pans, propane, tongs, thermometer and umbrella.
  • Delivery charges (if you need it delivered) vary depending on your location.
  • Full payment in advance is required to reserve your cart rental.
  • You need to provide your food, napkins, serving trays, etc.
  • If you are renting a cart to try out the business, beware.

    Our licenses don't cover you. And if you are new at the game, there's a lot of things you need to worry about. The rules for street and location sales vary from city to city and you still need a business license to operate in any city. One of the best ways to get a feel for the business is to come out with one of us vendors. It only takes once for some folks to realize it's not for them. On the other hand you might love it. You can also check out Oz's book on Amazon that tells you how to get into the biz.

    For full hot dog catering service with our outstanding menu, please see our home page.

    That said, if you need a cart, contact us and reserve your hot dog cart rental today!

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