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Hot dog cart rentals in Arizona.

There are just a few places in Phoenix that will rent you a hot dog cart on a daily basis. The cost is astronomical. $700 per day is what they want to charge you. That's a pretty serious ripoff.

Why rent a cart from them when we have a better deal?

OzDogs of Phoenix vending cart.

Our carts come with a staff-person to help you get set up and they come fully equiped for as little as $150! Look what you get:

  • We deliver. You don't have to pick it up or drop it off.
  • Carts are inspected and registered.
  • A staff person helps you set up the cart and operate it safely.
  • Carts come equiped with water, heating pans, propane, tongs, thermometer and umbrella.
  • We do the cart cleanup.

That beats any other hot dog cart rental in Phoenix or Prescott Arizona.

Terms & conditions for hot dog cart rental:

  1. 1/2 payment is due immediately to make your reservation. Final payment is due upon the arrival of the cart at your location.
  2. You are responsible for loss, theft or damage to the cart or it's equipment while it's at your location.
  3. Your exact price depends on your location and how long you need the cart.
  4. Our staff person will approve the location and operation of the cart to insure safety.
  5. You must provide all your own food, condiments, napkins, paper plates & etc. For full hot dog catering service with our outstanding menu, please see our home page.

Contact us and rent your hot dog cart today!

Call 602-715-8659
email Arizonahotdogs@gmail.com

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