The hot dog cart: great food, great people, great fun.

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Hot dogs are a classic American treat that all ages enjoy. You don't have to spend much for a great catered hot dog party!. Phoenix Arizona is an ideal place for an outdoor event any time of the year. We can feed up to 3000 people with our carts! If you are looking for a hot dog vendor in Phoenix, let our professional staff treat you to a great experience.

The Arizona hot dog vendor that delivers:

Recommended menus for Phoenix special events. NOT just a hot dog cart.

"Drag it through the garden!" Chicago style hot dogs in Phoenix Chicago Style has been called a dog with a minimalistic salad.

Our tastefully exotic menu is an unbeatable value for your private event in Phoenix. Our hot dog carts can include your choice:

  • Tantalizing styles like Chicago Style, Sonoran Style and Hawaiian Style.
  • Premium, all-beef Hoffy Dogs from Los Angeles. Our favorite!
  • Famous Sabrett hot dog cart classics from New York.
  • Chicago "Fire Dogs" from Vienna Beef.
  • Grilled hamburgers, chilli cheese burgers.
  • Chips, cold salads, deli-style kosher dill pickles, water, iced-tea, lemmondade, soda-pop and other exciting side dishes.
  • Incredible gourmet organic shaved ice desserts (New Item!).
Hoffy dog Sabrett hot dogs Hebrew National hotdogs Vienna Beef hot dogs

Our immaculate hot dog carts are perfect for your Phoenix fund-raiser, birthday party or corporate event. We are not street hot dog cart vendors, we only serve at private events and parties. We offer service with style.

Delicious condiments.

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The hot dog cart looks awesome at parties!

Your meal selection comes on a freshly steamed bun. Choose any combination of toppings for your party including yellow mustard, spicy Stadium mustard, catsup, sweet relish, dill relish, onion, all-meat chili, cheese, sauerkraut, mayo, salsa and jalapeno peppers.

Our Regional specialty hot dogs have even more exotic and tantalizing combinations. These recipes from around the world will thrill you. The Sonoran, Chicago, Hawaiian and Parisien styles are sure to blow you away.

Special diet requests.

We can usually accommodate special diet requests. Hebrew National kosher, vegetarian hot dogs and gluten-free options are available upon request.

More ways to pay for your convenience!

We take more forms of payment than any Phoenix hot dog party caterer.
  • Cash, check, money order
  • Credit and debit card payments with Paypal
  • Bitcoin! You can get hot dogs catered with bitcoin!
  • Gold and silver coins/bullion. Yup, we've done it.

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