The hot dog cart: how Americans enjoy great food on the cheap.

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Cheap isn't a glamorous term when it comes to food service. Everybody wants to use words like "value packed" and "affordable" but let's face it: Our catering emphasis is on good, clean food at a great price.

The fact is, Phoenix Arizona loves hot dogs. Especially the way we do them. affordable Phoenix caterer.

Our "standard" hot dogs are premium all-beef franks. This is a real quality food product. Placed in a fresh steamed bun, you get your choice of our "regular" fixings.

It might be a cheap price but that's not a cheap catered menu. Call 602-250-0243 or email us to book your party the affordable way today!

You get:

  • Spicy brown deli mustard
  • Yellow stadium mustard
  • Ketchup
  • Mayo
  • Celery salt & black pepper
  • Tapatio hot sauce
  • Sweet pickle relish
  • Dill pickle relish
  • Sliced jalapenos
  • Fresh chopped onion

It might be a cheap price but that's not a cheap menu. That offers something for everyone.

Wanna bump that up a notch and stay affordable? For a bit extra we bring out hot sauerkraut, no-bean chili and cheese. Now we're winning the minds and mouths of the most cranky connoisseurs. And we're still not breaking the budget. Throw in side dishes like potato salad, fresh cole slaw and baked beans, we're still on budget. We have your desserts covered, wonderful shaved ice desserts in flavors nobody else has. Everybody loves it it's affordably priced and it's great.

Really wanna talk affordable and cheap catering in Phoenix? The larger your party the cheaper it gets.

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Have us serve for a party of 10-50? We save you the driving and the hassle of getting take out from McDonalds. Have us serve 100 guests and we're looking cheaper than Chippolte.

Our shiny, retro-style carts, festive umbrellas and smiling service people take "cheap" catering to "chic" catering.

Hot dog carts say "good times". Our immaculate and smiling service says you care about your guests. They'll love the food, you save money, everybody's happy! Shebang! we're the cheap and affordable quality caterer for the Phoenix valley.

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In the mean time, click here to see some pictures of our carts in action.