Welcome! Anyone hungry in Phoenix?

Welcome to AZHotdog of Phoenix.

There's nothing like knowing hot food is prepared on location and cold drinks are waiting for you.

These are our standard carts. They need about 12x12 square feet to set up in.

Outdoor catering downtown Phoenix.

Our equipment can serve parties of 30 to 3000 anywhere in the Valley.

First Fridays: a great excuse for an outdoor party.

Large event prep at Marley Park.

HOA catering Tempe.

We feed big groups and bigger groups.

Catering for big groups and bigger groups.

Party catering Scottsdale. Our carts look great anywhere.

Welcome to AZHotdog of Phoenix.

We kinda fit in.

Halloween party catering Phoenix.

Our clients look great anywhere too. Even in Halloween costumes.

Our service is highly dignified and composed.

School event food service Scottsdale.

And then...this.

Cool Paseo Middle kids loving hotdogs.

We are favored by pincesses, queens and walking strawberries.

Halloween party catering Phoenix 2016.

Did somebody say indoor catering?

Indoor catering Phoenix.

Indoor catering service in Phoenix.

Indoor catering Tempe.

Indoor catering in Tempe.

Serving Acura Scottsdale 2015.

We're seen in some pretty fancy company.

Serving Acura Scottsdale 2015.

Like these guys.

AZHotdog hotdog catering in Surprise AZ.

Hot dog cart party catering in Surprise AZ. We were serving Chicago Style that day. Truly awesome.

Scottsdale AZ catering by AZHotdog

Hot dog cart party catering in Scottsdale. "Where football meets food, fashion and fun." And hot dogs, the sportsman's favorite.

This is what happens when you set up for a garden party and then dinosaurs show up and eat everybody.

Crazy costume party catering.
Mustard versus ketchup wars. Hot dog cart by AZHotdog

In the continuing war over ketchup on hot dogs, AZHotdog remains neutral and free of partisan bias.

Our food makes you want to sing! Also we're Brand Ambassadors for Hoffy Dogs and HQ Brands...can you tell?

AZHotdog Scottsdale AZ hot dog cart.

Event catering in Phoenix day or night. Especially at night.

Affordable Phoenix Catering by AZHotdog

February in Phoenix, a lovely time for outdoor party catering. This is why we live here!

The value of condiments cannot be understated.

Well dressed kid.

This whipper-snapper is about to learn a whole new definition for "well dressed".

Sharlott Hall Museum with Hot dogs in the evening.

At the end of the day, there's a certain style to hot dogs you don't find anyplace else.

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