AZHotdog COVID virus response policy updated 9/23/2020.

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While the rest of the world was locking down, AZHotdog was one of the vendors selected to by the AZDOT to serve the essential role of feeding truckers who found themselves without food options. We have been on the front line, evolving best practices as an industry on an almost daily basis from the start.

While we have modified our food handling protocols to reflect current recommendations from AZDEQ, based on information currently available to us, there is no way to completely prevent exposure to Covid or any other airborn, food born or contact born infection in the food service scenario. As ever, we gather and eat out at our own risk. We serve at your own risk.

Additionally we believe strongly in your ability and the ability of your guests to make an informed judgement regarding public food consumption and social gathering.

Beyond this, we can only manage protocols among ourselves "in the back of house". We enforce contact control (surface and personal) between ourselves, our product and guests. Per our normal policy, we reserve the right to terminate service if we do not feel comfortable with any safety issue at your venue. We do not require our staff to wear masks, as individuals we reserve the right to wear them where and when we choose. We do not enforce mask protocols or social distancing among your guests. That's up to you. As an event organizer or host, it's important that you communicate this to your guests.

OK, enough of this, let's party!

This policy is subject to change without notice.

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