Food & Vending Cart Repair In Phoenix

Food and hot dog cart repair takes a diverse skill set that includes residential fixtures & plumbing, metal fabrication, electical systems, plastics, fiberglass and mechanics. We've done it all.

It's pretty much the same for food truck repair.

Your regular mechanic won't want to touch food service equipment in your truck or trailer. We're set up to do it.

Most common repairs to food and hot dog carts:

  1. Plumbing repairs are number one. Leaking water isn't popular with inspectors.
  2. Propane and burner assemblies. Leaking propane gets people killed.
  3. Replacement hinges, clasps and umbrella brackets. Those get ripped off all the time.
  4. Upgrades and modifications. Everybody customizes their cart.

Fairly rapid turn-around. Sometimes we can take care of easy stuff same-day. Most major repairs are done in 5 business days.

Got a cart for sale? Let us know. Maybe we can find you a buyer.

Let's get you back in business!

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