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Regional Specialty Hot Dogs.

Each of these specialty dogs represents a different regional style. They aren't interpretations. No expense is spared to authentically make them with with regional ingredients which are special-ordered for your event. They are prepared to order one at a time for your guests with maximum care.

The Sonoran Style Hotdog. An Arizona original.

We start with our all-beef Hoffy Dog which is then wrapped in bacon and oven baked. Served on a bun with pinto beans, cheese, chopped tomatos, onions and salsa, this dog is addictive. The style seems to have begun in Tucson but has rapidly moved on through Phoenix and has attracted national attention. So for those of you who have been asking, yes, I'll tell you how to make them at home.

The Chicago-style Hot Dog

"Drag it through the garden!" Chicago style hot dogs in Phoenix Chicago Style has been called a dog with a minimalistic salad.

This famed American artform is frequently misunderstood. Everything necessary to prepare this treat must be special-ordered. The Chicago is a steamed Vienna Beef hot dog which gets "dragged through the garden" or topped with tomato wedges, cucumbers slices, both a dill pickle spear, "nuclear green" sweet pickle relish, yellow mustard directly on the sausage, pickled sport peppers, and finished with celery salt. These are served on a special steamed poppy seed bun. Someone once said a Chicago is a hot dog with an "austere salad on top".

Hawaiian Style

Hawaiian Style is either a beef or a pork hot dog with mango relish and spicy pineapple mustard. This has become quite popular.

The New Yorker

For this street-cart style classic we start with your choice of the famous New York's Sabrett hot dog or the kosher Hebrew National hot dog. Served on a plain steamed bun, saurkraut, spicy brown mustard and the required sweet onion sauce compliment this Manhattan staple. If you've never been there or if you miss it there, we can bring the flavor to you right here in Arizona.

The Parisien.

Served on half a baguette roll, with gruyere cheese and either cepe mushroom-based catsup or course-ground brown mustard. An authentic French twist on an American favorite. Select a Schreiner's Of Phoenix gourmet, hand-made sausage and it's a meal you can have with a glass of red wine and a mixed green salad.

The Carolina Dog or "slaw dog".

The Carolina Dog is either a deep fried or steamed hot dog in a plain wheat bun, topped with cole-slaw, chili, mustard and chopped onions. The product is then foil-wrapped and allowed to steam so the bun becomes very soft before serving. It's a favorite at Southeastern fairs and carnivals. In the SouthEast, folks eat about as many pork hot dogs as beef, and there's some difference of opinion on which one is right for the Slaw Dog. The chili is optional but the slaw ain't. It's there for it's texture as much as it's flavor which is something like a "picnic in a bun".

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Regional prohibitions. What's the problem with catsup?

As often noted, many hot dog vendors all over the land consider catsup to be an inferior condiment. Many vendors from Chicago through New England refuse to serve it, even for French fries, for which gravy is the preferred topping. Here in Arizona we have no such compunctions. We're more experimental in the culinary sense. Catsup on hot dogs is OK with us. Mayonnaise is a different story. It can be a good taste, but mayo oxydizes in contact with heat. It has to be "layered above" something to insulate it, served and eaten immediately. However, if the customer wants it, they can have it is our philosophy.

Other regional styles.

Hot dogs are eaten all over South America under a variety of different names. They generally come garnished with local produce. Like a LOT of it. Interesting things like grilled potatos, chillies, pinapple, avocado, cilantro, many different kinds of chopped meat or sauces along with every single normal "American" condiment known all ends up on a hot dog in Latin America. Usually at the same time. None of this sounds too strange to a Phoenician but it would make Northern doggers feint.

Almost all other major regional styles are easily achieved with our normal condiment selections including Tex-Mex (salsa, cheese, chopped tomatos) to the classic Coney (chopped onion, chili, cheese) and many others. Many times people just want us to stick with good old mustard, catsup and relish for their condiment selection, especially where kids are involved. Let us help you select the right menu for your tastes and budget.

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