Planning your Phoenix fund raiser.

Hot dogs and burgers are great American food that everybody loves. You can give your supporters something they love and make money for your school or organization too.

Fundraisers and volunteer efforts should be enjoyable for you and your supporters. Let us help you make it fun. Call 602-250-0243 or email us to reserve your date today!

Fund-raising events are run differently than normal retail catering. Everybody has a different idea about how to divide profits in a fund raiser. Some fund raiser events sell tickets to supporters who then exchange these for food, a final tally is counted at the end of the night and profits are paid out according to arrangement. Some fund raisers charge supporters "at the door", and food is either included in their entry or tickets are once again issued. Some fund raisers just do cash sales, and revenues are again divided by arrangement. For some fundraisers such as little league games, we set our prices and the event host "marks up" our product cost and pocket the markup. There are a lot of different options we can help you consider.

Hot dog fund raisers do make money.

Figuring out which business arrangement is best for your fundraising purposes depends on many things. How many supporters you can expect to show up, what kind of menu you select, how long you need us at your fund raising event, and other factors. The rule of thumb is to look for that "win-win situation".

Tips for your Phoenix fundraiser event.

Plan ahead! Getting the right authoraization to make payment for your school or organization can take time. We need your downpayment to book your fundraiser event. Dial 602-250-0243 or email us to get started now.
  • Start planning early. A rushed event frays everybody's nerves. Mistakes get made.
  • Promote the event every which way you can. With the shool example, put articles in the school newspaper, on the school website, put it on the school calendar, send flyers home with the kids weeks in advance, list the event in the local papers and radio, do everything you can do.
  • Consider inviting other local organizations or businesses like radio and television to be present at the event. You can get yourself some free exposure that way.
  • Invite the press to cover the event. If you build exposure, you can plan for a more successful event next year.
  • Go with a pro for food service. We're licensed food service managers. Our equipment is inspected by the Maricopa Department of Environmental Santiation. We have $1,000,000 in liability insurance. Don't take chances with people's health and safety. It could ruin more than your event!

Contact us and start your great fundraising event in Phoenix today!

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