Hot dog catering for Phoenix parties and events.

We're often cheaper than pizza and your guests get personalized service and attention! The hot dog cart looks awesome at parties! Please call 602-250-0243 or email us to reserve your date today!

Our regular hot dog menu makes for a great, inexpensive party that you don't have to worry about running. Enjoy your party and your guests while we take care of service. We offer a unique experience while saving you money.

Party planning.

With private parties the hot dog caterer has greater flexibility with your menu options. We can do a lot more than just hot dogs. You might have us simply cater your meals and refreshments or you might have us handle the whole party including decorations, gift bags, activities and table settings. We can arrange for bouncy-houses, video game trucks, face painting and other entertainment for children of all ages. And of course we offer fully catered meals including hot dogs and burgers, side salads and chips, cold drinks and our awesome shaved ice desserts. We've got it all covered!

Hot dog catering mostly involves 3 categories:

  • Hosting private parties at home or outdoors at your favorite park. We can go places most food caterers wouldn't dream of.
  • Celebrating with your club or tour group.
  • Business catering of all kinds.

...but then there's some even more fun and exotic scenarios...

Hot dog catering for a wedding? How about a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah?

Absolutely! A hot dog caterer provides an inexpensive and down-home alternative to expensive full-service caterers. We're also a great addition to any party. Hot dog catering is cheap but it's high quality food served appetizingly and attractively.

Location catering and "Craft Service".

Anywhere in Phoenix, 24x7 catering service is one advantage with AZHotdog as your caterer. Breakfast, lunch and dinner options are available. For media production locations, remote construction and places other caterers won't go. Frankly we're proud of our equiment and we like a challenge.

Tips for your Phoenix catered event or party.

Take the stress out of planning, call 602-250-0243 or email us for more great suggestions and tips.
  • Plan ahead and book your caterer early.
  • Let us advise you with your party plan and vendors: a lot of times we can make great suggestions and offer great deals.
  • We've served on balconies high above Phoenix. Getting the cart there involved freight elevators and a lot of planning. We can't generally move the carts over stairs, steep ramps or too far from unpaved areas. Our party planner will help you figure out the best place to put us for the enjoyment of your guests.
  • Go with a professional caterer. We have food service manager certifications, licensed and inspected equipment, $1M in liability insurance and the experience to make your event a success!

Contact us and start your catered event today!

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In the mean time, click here to see some pictures of hot dog cart catering in action.