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Customer rewards, loyalty incentives, client and asset retention all describe 3 things that every business owner wants from marketing:

  1. Find new customers.
  2. Identify their needs so you offer the right product.
  3. Retain customers and key personnel for the long term.

On other words, marketing and promotional events are all about building relationships.

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You on-location marketing event is your crucial opportunity to interact face to face with the people that mean most to your business. This is where you solidify the relationships that lead to deals.

This is what marketing is all about: building relationships that influence decisions. AZHotdog helps you tell important people they are appreciated. Our gleaming carts, festive umbrellas and smiling service make a real statement.

Feeding people, eating together is a basic part of building trust relationships. Hot dogs and burgers are great American comfort food that everybody loves and feels comfortable with. Providing food will keep the prospect on your location for an additional half hour conservatively. And you can't get to know somebody unless you take the time. We let you have that time.

6 key tips for your Phoenix marketing or promotional event.

We do a lot of these types of events so we get to see what works and what doesn't. Besides having a capable team that can do event management, one of your biggest challenges is actually promoting your promotional effort. We can build you the greatest marketing event in the world but if nobody shows up, it's money and time wasted.

  1. Start promoting your event EARLY. Like 6 months out. Begin with a few clearly stated objectives: you want an event that produces a certain amount of business on a certain date.
  2. Based on your experience, this should indicate how many contacts and what kind of contacts you want at your event.
  3. By exploiting your present contact base, you then know how many more people you will need to attract by promoting your event.
  4. Your event marketing plan should span ALL AVAILABLE MEDIA AND PLATFORMS. I'll expand on this below.
  5. Have a system to insure that every person at that event is "tagged". Visually the tag is the name tag you give them to wear at the event and it says the person's name and their relationship to your business: new friend, sponsor, supplier, food service, security, etc. The real significance of the tag is that you have captured each person in your database, you know their name, their full contact information and you have a plan to follow up with each of them.
  6. Utilize partner networks. Again, I'll expand on this below.

Use all available media platforms for your Phoenix promotional and marketing events.

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Not just any platforms, platforms that are targeted to your demographic and your customer profile. If we're selling high end homes we aren't advertising in the Phoenix New Times. If we're selling tattoos, Phoenix New Times is perfect. But let's review the basic platforms one by one.

  • Print media including magazines, newspapers, "coffee grams" and free publications still have major clout especially with an older demographic. Identifying what publications your demo actually reads and then negotiating for a better deal from publishers is the actual trick. We can include press releases in this category.
  • TV, cable and radio broadcast ads are still not only viable, at the local level you want to invite all the networks and personalities to broadcast live from your location. Have them set up for the day of free food and fun!
  • Any media personality or celebrity you can drag in helps to hype the event. Have them do autograph signings and photo opportunities.
  • Rock your personal contact lists like never before and consider finding a local co-sponsor to you can rock their contact database. Share media buys and ad expenses, get larger and better ads. If your business relies on other vendors and suppliers and you DON'T rope them into your event then you are really hurting your efforts. Take it there and take it a step further: local not-for-profits: call up the local animal rescue people or your favorite charities and invite them to come on out and meet the public in return for guess what? Access to their contact lists is what. As long as their demo fits your demo, totally go for it.
  • The internet thing. Use every social media platform you can generate content for. Tweet out twitters, facebook your fanny off, instagram images, get your website together but do all of this wisely: don't get into personal friends and family with these media and if you did, consider starting new accounts with all of them. ALWAYS include your website in any media, always brand your photos and videos and content with your business name, what you offer and how to get in touch with you directly, not facebook or another media channel. You want them to come on over, call or email now.
  • Hit them where they live. We feed prospective home buyers for open houses for some of the valley's leading home manufacturers. Hardly an expense is spared to entice home buyers to top of the line homes. The home builder marketing events that are most successful and full of home shoppers are the ones that reach these people where they live. They don't wait until the shopper is in Phoenix to grab their attention, THESE BUILDERS BRING THESE PEOPLE TO PHOENIX. They aren't buying TV and radio ad time in Phoenix, they are buying it in Wisconsin and Kansas and all provinces of Canada. Anyplace it's cold basically.
They will think they are at a banquet. Chicago style hot dogs in Phoenix Assembled fresh before their amazed eyes and served with a smile.

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Don't leave anything to chance at your marketing event.

Determine the location of all your activities and draw up a site map. Detail every minute of your event schedule. Have a runner with a truck handy to dash out for any reason. Make sure your fire exits are unblocked. Manage the parking situation, hire security if necessary, make sure you have permits to have an event in that park, a million things can go wrong with an event.

We want your Phoenix marketing event to be a success.

Hopefully this gives you some food for thought as we prepare to feed their bodies. Plus we have all the party planning and event services covered. You want bounce houses, rides, the petting zoo, cotton candy, games for kids and adults, we have you covered. Performers, entertainers, movie screens, tents, tables, chairs, we're all set. On the day of your big event you can count on us to make you look great. This is what we do and we enjoy the taste of success!

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