AZHotdog policies updated 02/25/2015.

Please be sure to read the following policies which apply to everything we do

Summer policy runs from June 1st through Oct 1st: Outdoor Service intervals are 2 hours or less. We need to be in shade at all times. Parking needs to be within 25 feet of our service location. Two servers are required at each event.

  • The carts need to be on level, paved surfaces or turf.
  • The carts need 38 inches clearance though any door or gate.
  • The carts don't do curbs, stairs, steep inclines, gravel.
  • We need parking within 50 feet of our service location.
  • We need at least a 10'x10' area to serve in.
  • Special arrangements are required for indoor service.
  • Taxes are not included in our price and will be applied to your final bill.
  • Quotes apply to your event and date only, reschedules may effect cost.
  • We reserve the right to make substitutions to your menu based on availability of product from our suppliers.
  • Any location rental fees, permits, licenses or vendor charges for your venue are your responsibility unless otherwise noted.
  • We need electricity within 50 feet for snow cones.
  • We don't provide cleanup for your party.
  • 50% down payment is required to reserve your date.
  • Since we may be liable for equipment procurement, staff scheduling, food procurement, party rentals & etc. down payments may not be wholly or partially refundable for your event.
  • We cannot and no not offer “rain dates” if your event gets cancelled due to weather or other unsafe conditions.
  • The balance of your event cost is due upon completion of the event or on the scheduled day of service.
  • Staff reserve the right to terminate service due to any unsafe or threatening condition with no further obligation.
  • We cannot serve in winds over 15MPH. We cannot serve in dust storms.
  • We cannot serve in rain unless we are under sufficient cover.
  • Please note that our propane fired carts are dangerous if not treated properly.
  • We cannot allow guests to use our equipment or prepare food (but thanks for asking!)
  • You are responsible for any damage you cause to our equipment or any rental equipment.
  • Gratuities are gratefully accepted by our hard working staff.
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